If you have a property that needs a little work and you want to replace the surface of the concrete floor, you may be asking yourself what’s the best long-lasting and durable option.

New science has created some products that are much better at protecting concrete floors over the long term than anything that was available 20 or 30 years ago. Specific chemical bonding processes help to provide sealed concrete floor coatings that stand up to pressure and the elements and offer significant value for property owners who want to deal with old, decaying floor coatings. This is exciting for those who may have been thinking about doing things the old way – check out what’s happened in the world of seal coating. 


The best course of action for the concrete that needs a little TLC is one part or two-part epoxy coatings.

A two-part epoxy coating is generally considered the best option for long-term durability, because of its specific chemical process. In mixing these components, a catalyst blends with a chemical base to harden and solidify and seal the coating in a particular way for a solution that lasts many years. There’s some impressive design behind these products – we like to show customers how this works. A lot of them have never heard of these processes and how they change what’s possible in the industry. 

American Elite Epoxy makes it even easier to utilize the two-part epoxy processes with our extensive kits that offer you everything you need to get a new floor seal coating installation in place with a minimum of hassle.

Check out our Commando Kits and all the accessories that they also include for two-part epoxy solutions. One of the biggest barriers to getting these projects done involves know-how. There’s complexity involved and some necessary steps. It’s not like whitewashing a fence – or slapping a coat of interior paint down in a bathroom. But with the right approach, one job is all it takes to make your property look as good as new – and that’s saying something. 


Other alternatives include various types of polyurethane seal coating, and also rubber installations that can seal out moisture and provide an effective coating. There’s also the option of going with acrylics – but as mentioned, two part epoxy products are a common industry-standard. Read more on our website at American Elite Epoxy about how to revive ailing concrete and seal floors to deal with moisture, flaking and usual signs of wear and tear.